hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak


Who here wants protein? I do and I always make it a point to eat at least 50 grams of protein a day to have optimal growth.

A lot of people actually love protein but you have to eat from healthy sources. That is especially true when you’re on the hCG diet.

Today, I am going to share with you a steak recipe. Now, you might be thinking that Steaks are not allowed on the hCG diet but that is just not true.

This steak is a lean beef steak so it is safe to consume even while on phase 2 of the hCG diet. We are going to cook the hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak.

If you want to know how to cook the hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak, then get these ingredients beforehand:

  • 100 grams’ lean steak
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt to taste


  1. You can buy any cut of steak so long as it is 100 grams and of the lean variety. Cut off excess fat and then pound the meat until it is flat.
  2. Rub the meat with salt and pepper. Be generous on the pepper as it is important that you coat the beef with it. This is to make sure that the flavor will overload on the beef, resulting in a flavor explosion.
  3. Get a non-stick frying pan and cook it over high heat for about 3-5 minutes (depending on the doneness you want on the steak).
  4. After the steak has been cooked, top it off with the tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. You can even add some caramelized onions into the mix as well. Serve and Enjoy!

As you can see, the hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak is a very simple dish and it only requires only a handful of ingredients.

Because of this, the hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak is safe to consume even on phase 2 of the hCG diet.

If you want to make this dish for phase 3, you can modify the recipe. Some recommendations would be to use onions, blue cheese, and you can even sauté some mushrooms with a little bit of butter as well.

It might not have the vegetables on the side but you can create a vegetable salad to go along with this dish.

Since the beef is flavor rich, you may want to create a salad that is a bit tangy to counteract with the richness of the beef.

Each serving of this dish only has 180-200 calories depending on the cut that was used. So long as you stay within 100 grams’ of lean beef, you are safe.

When I came across this recipe, I tried it immediately because it is easy to do. It takes roughly 10 minutes to prepare and cook everything and I am pretty sure you have at least 10 minutes to spare each day to cook for your food.

So, if you’re a meat lover and you’re on the hCG diet, then I highly recommend you try the hCG Diet Pepper Crusted Steak.