How to Use Action Replay Cheat

If you’re shopping for R4 3DS cards, you’ve probably come across a feature that is somewhere along the lines of “Action Replay Cheat Support”.

What the R4 3DS card manufacturers mean by this is that that particular R4 3DS card has the Action Replay Cheating program.

Now, I do not know about you, but when a certain game is really very hard for me to complete, I will use cheat codes to help me with a game.

I think that most people have that inclination as well. Cheating, at least in video games, is fun because you can try different things that you normally wouldn’t have access to if you’re playing the game normally.

Now that you know what the Action Replay Cheat is, how do you actually use it? In this article, I will share with you how you can use the Action Replay Cheating program in your Nintendo 3DS.

To bear in mind that you will need an R4 3DS card for this to work. If you do not know which R4 3DS card to choose, I suggest the Gateway 3DS as a start. It may have a premium price but rest assured that the quality and customer support is unparalleled.

So, without further ado, here are the required steps you need to do in order to use the Action Replay Cheating program:

  1. Search the internet for your specific game cheats. If you want to use cheat codes for Legend of Zelda, for example, search for its specific cheat codes over the internet. Make sure to input the exact name of the game to avoid any errors.
  2. After you’ve found your specific cheat code, you will then download that specific cheat code (Action replay cheat codes are saved in its proprietary format).
  3. Create a folder called “cheats” and place the downloaded AR file in it.
  4. Place the cheats folder in the root folder of your microSD card. Place the microSD card inside the Gateway 3DS R4 3DS card.
  5. Fire up your Nintendo 3DS and boot into Gateway Mode (this is only applicable for the Gateway 3DS. Other R4 3DS cards will have their own special menu).
  6. While on the Gateway Mode, press SELECT so that the game menu will appear.
  7. Select the game you want to enable cheats in using the D-PAD and select it by pressing A.
  8. Fire up the game and when you’re in the main menu, fire up the Gateway mode again.
  9. On the menu, you will come across an option to “Configure Cheats”, select it and enable the cheats you want.
  10. After enabling the cheats, simply exit the program and you’re good to go!

These steps are unique to the Gateway 3DS R4 3DS card. Don’t worry as other R4 3DS cards with Action Replay Cheat support will almost have the same way of enabling cheats. You just have to know what unique mode they’re using, but the steps should be identical across the board.